-Your headsize all depends on where you measure and how you like to wear your hat. There is a general rule on how to estimate your head size and according to this rule is how my hats are sized. Most of my designs come in a variety of sizes, with a few exceptions as for example unique pieces and a few of the recycled products as with these, sizes depend on the material at hand.
- Items coming in more sizes, generally come in 3 or 4 sizes if the models are not one size fits all, being the following: 1fA=one size fits all
Further sizes: S=small=56cm/ M=medium=58cm/ L=large=60cm/ XL=extra large=62cm
- There is always an option of a special size, if that is what you want, you need to fill your size, further down the ordering process, into the remarks field. Be aware that special sizes come with special prices, due to pattern changes. Generally a charge of 14.93 euro incl. VAT. I would advise you to contact me here, before your ordering process, just to make sure it is absolutely necessary.
- To find out what your size is, it is important that you measure yourself carefully. In the picture the orange line stands for the line along which you should measure, once around the head, with a soft centimeter. In words, 1cm above the eyebrows, 1cm above the tip of the ears and than over that bump on the back of your head towards 1cm above the other ear closing the circle above your eyebrows. Voila, you got your size.
- Experienced wearers might know how the prefer to wear a certain model, if so, please follow the line where these normally end and than you have your size.
- If you are weary and unsure of the measuring ask a friend to help you or contact me through Skype and I can guide the process of measuring, nevertheless even than a friend at your end to assist would be helpful.