From personal designs, over special needs to a typical material, I do it all.
- If you are looking for a one of a kind/ unique piece made only for you to shine in, at your next event or in general everyday life, let me give you a hand. I love thinking outside the box and helping others to create their best look fitting their life and wardrobe. My speciality lies in pattern headgear, as you have probably guessed at the look of my website and with years of experience in pattern drawing, there is a lot I can do for you. No idea is to crazy and if it is not down my alley than I can always refer you to somebody with the right skills. Please contact me and let’s talk about how I can help.
- Some people have special needs, based on health issues. This can vary from becoming bold during cancer therapy to having material allergies. Often for those affected it is difficult to find the right headwear, especially because they often feel uncomfortable to try headwear in public. The wear of the material in combination with the climate as well as the form and the fit on the head is important. Before making mock-ups we meet, so that I am informed on all aspects that are important to you( color, material, style, wardrobe etc.). I make a couple of different mock ups in the original materials, providing stales of possible colors, so that you are able to try which design in which material would be best. Can I help you? Feel free to contact me for more information.
- Fancy a turban of ropes, a fascinator of old watches or a sun brim of your last season favourite umbrella? I am all in. Ever since art school I have a nag for a typical materials. I used to make dresses from plastic swimming pools, I guess that says it all. Please contact me for inquiries on the process, as this also depends on your location. I am looking forward to your ideas and would love to translate them into some unique headwear for you.