pillbox hat hold me

price on request
-handmade by Judith in Amsterdam
-ready made
-online only
-new materials, cutt offs
-100% wool, satin
sand with black
1 fits all

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Hold me, keep me together ready to face this ever faster changing world, keep me sane, hold me tight and watch me do it. This little pillbox hat, inspired fascinator, is one of a kind, this collection, with these materials, is not being made anymore, there has never been more than 1 of each of the designs within this collection.
The surprise of this little pillbox are the extra pieces that ‘wrap’ the back of the head, beautifully articulated by the black trimming.

ttmm ‘hold me’ is worn without an elastic as it has a firm sit due to its form, maybe a pin is needed here or there depending on the hairstyle being worn.Further more it has the same basic shape as all pillboxes from this collection, flat towards the back of the head and a small upstanding front part, which can be worn flat to the forehead, just above the eyebrows or more towards the hairline.

‘Hold me’ is made with cutt offs of 100%wool and finished new satin piping.

    •    56 cm= S
    •    58 cm= M
    •    60 cm= L
    •    62 cm= XL
    •    64 cm= XXL

    Further more you have:

    •    1fA  = one fits all, not bound to any size wearable by every size

Other sizes in centimeters are anything between 54cm en 64cm. In general these are custom made sizes often used for personal designs or unique pieces.


To be able to chose the right size it is important to be accurate when measuring your head, ideally you let somebody else do it.

Go to work as follows:

With the help of a soft centimeter, measure around the head, starting at the front approximately 1cm above the eyebrows towards, approximately 1cm above, the ears and over the biggest part of the back of your head( that little bump on the back of your head). Please see picture to give you an idea.

If you are not sure that you are measuring in the right way please contact me. We can set up a Skype meet, so that I can guide the measuring. A friend at your side to help would come in handy, but is not insurpurable.

Once measured you can read in the tab sizes which size you need to choose. Choose the size closest to your measured size.