Recycle hats-turban

€ 105,00
- Handmade
- Ready made stock
- Materials rabbit fur, thread, trimming
- worldwide
- Production time 1 week

This grey turban/ cloche cap is part of one of my recycle projects. For this project I buy old second hand hats, disassemble and clean them. Than, depending on their size and my inspiration, I create, pull, sew, new forms of them.

The turban/ cloche cap is made of a rabbit felt with asymmetric forms which can be worn as a turban or a cloche cap, by pulling the folded part down and wearing this to the front. The pleats are not fixed giving you the option of pulling the hat far down over your face and having enough space for hair to be tugged under the turban/ cloche cap. The brown trimming accentuates the color of the grey felt and gives a playful accent to the whole. The turban/ cloche cap is not lined and there is no petersham ribbon inserted, but because of the trimming the hat can not be sized and is therefore a small medium, 57cm to be precise.

This is a true 2 in one hat. A timeless companion, dressy and casual in one, swell as worm.