Beanie Beret Freja Lady

€ 84,70
- Handmade
- Made to order
- Materials 100% cotton
- Shipping worldwide
- Production time 3 weeks
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De Freja( lady) beanie is one of 3 beanies which I designed because I like t wear them, even in the summer, as I get cold quickly and because I think an outfit is just complete with hat. My favorite is something that I can quickly ditch in one of my huge pockets and cause normal beanies are just a bit boring to me, the following designs evolved. The Freja beanie, the Ryker beanie and the Payton beanie.

The Freja is a mix between beanie and beret. Freja translated means 'lady' and this beanie/ beret does his name honor. Because of her ' look a like' ruffles at the side she gets her beret form but also her feminine look. The spread pleats take out the volume around the head making the Freja more beanie than beret, though not a beanie under which you could hide all your long hair. On the other side it reminds more of a beret as it is worn high on the head reaching the beginning of the ears and not protecting the ears against wind. Of course also with the Freja( lady) it is up to you to find your best( front) side, though she definitely gives less options than the Payton( royal) does.

The material is 100% cotton, especially soft & light. Neatly folded it even fits into the pocket of a blazer. It can be washed on hand in a lukewarm lather. Bring in model without stretching and let dry lying flat on a towel.

It is one size fits all and is fitting for the sizes 57cm- 60cm. Wearable for short and long hair and everything in between. Not suited to wear your whole long hair under the beanie.

Ideal for spring, cool summers and light autumns.