taking measure

To be able to chose the right size it is important to be accurate when measuring your head, ideally you let somebody else do it. Go to work as follows: With the help of a soft centimeter, measure around the head, approximately 1cm above the eyebrows and over the biggest part of the back of your head. If you are not sure that you are measuring in the right way please contact me. Once measured you can read below which size you need. 

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You like my style and view on hats, but you just didn't spot the right hat for you, but you know what you want and you trust me to make your own individual hat dream come true. I am all ears and eyes and thanks to skype & friends we can connect and work it out. Love to be at your service, get in touch, I am waiting.



You like a certain design but the material is not appealing to you, or you would prefer a material to compliment a certain outfit? Well you should get in touch with me, e-mail or phone me, there might just be an option to adapt the design to your needs.



The design is what you are looking for, but you can’t find the right color in the online shop. Sometimes there are more colors to choose from within a certain design, depending on the material. Contact me with your need and we’ll see what we can do about it.



Everything is right, but the your size is nowhere to be found. Some people have extreme small or bigger measurements, or want something for their child. No worries, we can do something about that! Contact me with your size and I will let you know what the options are and what this will do to the design.