Floppy hat Love

€ 145,00
- Handmade
- Made to order
- Materials 100% cotton
- worldwide
- Production time 3 weeks

Love is one of a kind, no more being made.

Love is a floppy hat with a broad brim. I made a flower broche to go with it, so that you can choose to wear the brim up or down.

It is one of a kind as the material used for the crown is braided band that I found on a second hand market and there is no more of it. The band is cotton, blue with red sewn together to give this beautiful playful effect. The brim is made of thin jeans material which I embroider with the colors of the crown. The broche flower, also cotton, I embroider in red.

The hat is not lined but has a petersham ribbon. It is worn with an elastic under the hair, as the crown is very shallow. It's the perfect hat for long loose or short hair.