Patchwork beanie brown

€ 95,00
- Handmade
- Ready made stock
- Materials jeans, velvet, wool, jersey
- worldwide shipping
- Production time 1 week

The patchwork beanie is made of rest materials. Through years I have saved the pieces of materials that I think, could still be of use. Until recently I had not found anything to do with them and I was wondering if I could give them to some good use or throw them away, but of course I couldn't, as throwing away is not in my nature.

Than the other day after I had met this incredible lady, which makes beautiful modern patchwork clothing and who asked me if I would like to sell my hats at her store.

This is how I came to make the patchwork beanie as a tribute to Blazing Bell. Which is also the reason that these beanies are only sold at RE-BELL.

By folding the top part in, you can wear this beanie also as a kind of pillbox.

To the materials, as said above, which is why I can make no declaration about them, what I can tell you, is that the beanies are lined with a jersey(new) lining.