€ 100,00
- Handmade
- Made to order
- Materials wool, satin, glas pearls, wire, elastic
- worldwide
- Production time 1 week

TTMM or tribute to my mother was a collection that I made with my mother in mind. We once bought a black, vintage, velvet pillbox hat for her and that is how the idea came up, to make an abstraction.

The basis of the collection is made from wool and satin with here and there some complimenting materials, color play or pattern abstractions.  

In TTMM fly, the complimenting materials are small gold glass pearls in the sand colored butterflies which are set on black satin wires. 

TTMM fly is worn with an elastic under the hair and has the same basic shape as all pillboxes from this collection, flat towards the back of the head and a small upstanding front part, which can be worn flat to the forehead, just above the eyebrows or more towards the hairline.