Casual Summer Pleats

The casual sister of the winter wool collection. The summer pleats series is a translation of the winter wool pleats into an alternative, wearable and cool variant for spring, summer and autumn. Unbleached, dark blue, nearly black denim of


100% cotton gives these designs a timeless feel. Depending on how often you give your personal pleats favorite a wash, it will lighten up and change color. If you want to give it a try before the series is for sale in the online shop, spring 2018, go to visit Re-Bell,, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The different models are still for sale until the end of september. Spring 2018 will be the official launch, including new models to this slow growing collection.



recycle collection

The recycle collection is now available. Different models from recycled felt to recycled jeans, giving garments a longer live span and fighting the textile waste pile, is what you do when buying one of these designs. To try before you


buy you are welcomed @ RE-BELL the home of recycling where you also find the patchwork beanies inspired by Blazing Bell, one of the owners and head designer of RE-BELL, and therefore no were else to be bought than at the Re-bell shop or online with xpozai. Further more there you find nearly all the models of my different recycle projects, so if you are into green and eco, these products made of old scraps, should be something for you!


why recycle?

The pile of waste is growing, especially since fast fashion is producing garments with a very short live span. The pile of textile ending up in the waste bin is growing with every minute. Clothing is loosing its value and

to me that seems wrong. Recycling has always come natural to me. It's what I do ever since I left my mothers home with 17teen. As a student, when first starting art school, turning old velvet curtains to trousers was a money issue but these days it has become more. With time, friends and friends of friends have donated materials to me, left over pieces of materials, wool, furs, trimmings and adding to this I collected the left over materials of projects I was working on. In time I have developed an antipathy to textile waste, check out the video posted on to find out more. This is why every now and than again, I work on transforming left behind pieces of textile into new products. What the process looks like you can see on the picture, what comes out you find under the tab .


xpozai @ re-bell shop

Happy to announce that my designs can now be bought at RE-BELL shop. The new funky design store with handmade design clothing & accessories that opens on friday 2nd of december.

The opening is from 17.00- 22.00 hours and you are very welcome to join us for this festive event, which will be celebrated with food, music and of course the first shopping night. This beautiful store is located on the Czaar Peter straat 263 in 1018PR Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can reach the store easily by car or with tram 10. Hope to see you there and otherwise check out ( for an impression.


who designs the hats

Judith Lehthaus is a german designer that is situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At the age of 8 years, she started to use her mothers sewing machine for her first self made swimming pants.

Being supported by her parents to be creative in many ways. She decided to go for a creative career after high school, starting with a year of orientation after which she started a study to be a teacher in workmanship but quickly decided to move to textile. Though the strict regime, which told her when to be creative in which profession, didn’t agree with her and her teachers advised her to study at an art school or to learn with different specialized masters as an internship. She decided on art school and continued her studies at Rietveld academy.


the new collection

The new collection is now online for you to enjoy. There are models for city & casual events as well as sport & gala events. All models can be ordered in multiple colors and sizes.

If you are looking for an exclusive hat but are not sure about the model you now have the option to try them on at the store Hoeden M/V ( in Amsterdam where a variety of my models are for sale. Call by forehand to be sure they are not sold out. The number is: +31 20 626 3038.

This beautiful store, with its exquisite atmosphere, is situated in the centre of Amsterdam on the Herengracht 422, 1017BZ, The Netherlands. It is very easy to reach with public transport as several trams, 1,2,5, stop just a minute foot-walk away.